Not forgetting my daughter in the car today= ✔

I love my daughter like crazy.

I adore her, crazy about her and protect her from everything that could-sometimes couldn’t in million years- harm her or even touch her.. 

But I have to admit, I am flying person.

I forget my wallet, my keys, my papers and appointments ,even going out with friends.

I even went to a neurologist, he just made fun of me.

Why I am telling you about it, you ask.

In the hot summer, very hot one, my biggest fear is to forget my Noora in the car seat.

 It’s in the news all over the place. Miserable,  innocent or busy parents commit this huge tragedy and forget their loved ones in the car, often cause their death.

I have to admit, and I feel guilty about it, it’s not impossible to happen with me.. Every time I get to the car I immediatly take a look to the car and imagine the worst !

So I came up with something I found very helpful.

My husband and I decided that everyday I take Noora to kindergarten I just take a picture of her and send it. 

In case I forgot, or did not send, he calls immediatly to make sure I took her. 

This solution made it possible to see her growing up for the last 3 years, I know that by this act I share these moments and cherish every one of it. 

Don’t say it won’t happen to you. Come up with a system that will help you stay away as much as possible from this tragedy. 

Have a pleasent day😘😘😘


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