Size 18-24 months for boys to my girl plz!

I was shopping some clothes to my 3 years old baby girl.

The weather switched to hot too quickly 🙈

I was cought with nothing suitable in the closet. 

All the stores were devided to girls side and boys side with an aparatis in between. 

I went to the boys departpent, i actually liked shorts in that apartment and put in my basket and went to the girls one.

I found another shorts for her in the same size. But it looked like  that the same size for boys looks different.

The boys shorts were loose, comfortable, and suitable for a baby body while the girls ones were tight and too short.

I found out that all the clothes differ…girls’ were “sexy” and boys’ were just comfortable as any baby should feel in his/her clothes!!!

I ask my self why?? 

Why shoud 2 3 4 years old kids differ? Why raise another generation of girls that put their look before comfort?? Why should baby girl show “sexiness” from that age with no possibilty to choose??? 

Im sure no normal person sees the 2 3 

years old girl as sexy but its surely the massage to be raised with.. 

Size 18-24 monthes for girls and boys shouls look the same guys!!!!


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