Messy eater vs clean eater

Every parent deals with this phase of teaching the kid to eat on his\her own.

There are three types of babies:

  1. The too clean tidy baby or in fact too clean parent. This baby is fed with a tissues until reaching relatively old age.
  2. The too “messy” one. This baby feels almost free to grab the food in hands put in on the face, clothes and all over.
  3. The one who  eats with  a parent standing nearby and clean the area once a while and “no no-ing”

Eating is not just about getting a meal. It represents the whole motor, discipline, enjoying and sort of quality time between mom/dad/ grannies etc. and baby. It is a big deal if you look at it that way.

Every baby eating type is a reflection of you and your relationship. If you take this issue seriously you can take a vantage of the fact the baby is hungry and sitting, to work on whatever the skills you want him/ her to learn.

I have to confess, i am the third type mom. I prefer my Noora clean yet sort of loose.  She eats neatly and clean.. in fact too neat and clean. Others can refer this fact that “dirty type” is a happier and free kids who is explored to many aspects of eating and learning.

They are maybe right, but i cant stand the mess around the baby seat šŸ˜‰ img_1741

have a perfect day

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