School yard-super model reality show

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I have never been feminin.

I am an overweight women for most of my life. I didnt pay attention to nice clothes, make up, hair look and etc. 

It bothered me since for ever, i wanted to make makeover for thousands of times, but always found my self in my jeans and black shirt again. 

Until the moment i hear kids, 7 8 9 years old judging other mothers who came to pick up their kids from school. Dress, posture, fat/thin, make up … It is like school yard became a super model reality show. 

And i thought to my self.. Will Noora be ashamed of her mom for being the way she is?

She will be in preschool nexr year so i have lots of time😁

Decided this time i will make a whole make over, a real one!

 So she will be walking proudly to the gate to her mom👶

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Big mama show👍


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  1. Rafif says:

    Oh my god thats so touching..unfortunately this is reality 😞
    But i guess we can them not to judge humen by their appearance, but by their kindness


    1. We will .. But what about other kids that are raised to judge by their own mothera… Pritty ones mostly😁
      Thanka for passing by


  2. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Still Another Writer's Blog and commented:
    I think the concerns you voice speak for many of us.

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    1. Thanks very much for passing by and comment.
      Irealized this issue is spread all over the world

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  3. Mai says:

    Its a sad reality… like many of them,
    I think this age , the kids are facing many racea of many types!
    The mother, the money, the iphones…..
    what should we do??

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