Will she miss dady and momy equaly ?!

I got blessed with a terrifc husband, family, family in law and good friends.

They believe in my right to study, to build my own career and make money for a living and pleasure. 

Three years ago, i gave birth to my precious Noora. A perfect child who from the moment she was born i’m always in a middle of  a project.

Had to finish my final researches to my degree in law, internship and now the bar exam.

Though i have an “army” that helps me study, day and night as if i am not a parent to a perfect little girl.

I look at her and feel like she is already used to a busy mom that is not always there for her. 

She has grandpas, grandmas ,aunts, and friends of mom and a pritty busy dad. 

I wonder if a dad is coping with all this mess, would he feel like i do or this feeling is exclusive for a woman?  

Me and my husband are equaly taking care for her. We are both momy and dady but still, does she miss me like she misses her dad despite the fact we are both busy parents? 

Good morning, have a great day! 

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  1. maika says:

    hey big mama
    it was quite exciting reading your post as it puts on a map quite important issue
    i think a baby is born to a family he adapts their own rules. what is right for ur family not necessarily for other .
    as it sounds from your post you are equaly raising your child yet still i think for a baby both daddy and mommy are important
    and maybe he misses them both BUT in different ways consider each one of them brings his own touch of parenting


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